|How We Do Business

The Home Theater Group is not your average New Jersey Audio Video Company. We have been doing business different than most since 1995. Our approach is centered around each client and the project, where most companies will try to sell you the product they make the most money from. Building an integrated Audio/Video System is not a simple task; we work as our clients advocate finding the right product for the desired outcome. Most people do not have the time to research each product for reliability, manufacturer reputation, warranty and compatibility issues. We evaluate equipment each day and love to educate our clients on what we are specifying and why.

When shopping for an appliance such as a refrigerator, you learn as much about that product, purchase it, and then never think about it again. An Audio/Video system should be the same, enjoyed not thought about. After the system is designed and approved by the client, our technicians are given summaries of the system expectations and the equipment that is to be installed. Though some clients prefer to see what they have purchased, we tend to design Audio/Video systems with the equipment hidden, remember it should be enjoyed and not thought about. We can work with your existing contractor, or one of our experienced contractors we have relationships with, to construct your dream room from scratch or modify any environment to fit your needs. Each job, from the simple one room music system to an intricate house wide system with distributed Audio, Video and Automation we will treat with priority service.