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Today's smart home systems are designed to not only simplify your technology, but to anticipate your needs and react accordingly. With a home automation system, all of the various parts of your smart home can work together to provide solutions which enhance your home and simplify your life. Whether you want to simply control your lights, thermostats, and security system individually, or would like a single press of a button to arm your alarm, turn off your lights, and adjust your thermostats down to conserve energy, we are here to help provide you with the convenience you want, along with the reliability and control that you need. 

Lighting Control

Integrating your home's lighting control with your automation system is one of the best ways to create a smarter home. A single button press can set the lights to a specific scene while adjusting the music and temperature to ideal settings. At night, a single button press can arm your alarm to "stay" and adjust your light intensity down to make it easier to unwind before bed. Working together, a lighting control system can add the ultimate convenience for any sized home. 


Audio & Video Distribution

The power of centralized distribution, as part of a home automation system puts you in total command of all of your audio and video sources while being hidden remotely in one convenient centralized location. Listen to different sources in different rooms, watch different shows throughout the house, or bring it all together for a party mode and listen or watch the same thing everywhere. This also allows you to start a show or song in one room and then continue watching or listening in another.

Video Surveillance

With video surveillance as part of your home automation system, you can view your cameras, recordings, and have full control over the rest of your home’s security with a single app. Receive notifications if someone is at your door and then choose to intercom and speak with them or let them in by unlocking it, all from the same app on your phone from almost anywhere in the world. You can even have motion detected from the cameras turn on lights around your home for added security and convenience.


Motorized Shades

Control natural light, protect valuable furnishings from damaging sunlight, ensure privacy, and more when you integrate motorized shades into your home automation system. Motorized shades come in thousands of fabrics, styles and options, making them one of the most flexible and design-friendly additions you can make to your home. Integrated with lighting, climate, and audio video and you can control everything in your home from your mobile device, even if you're not at home, just in case you need to.

Climate Control

By adding smart thermostats to you home automation system, you can not only control them from the same app you use to control the rest of your home, you can also add additional intelligence. For example, have your thermostat automatically adjust when you aren't home or are on vacation. Reduce heating or cooling by adjusting your shades or lighting to cut down on unnecessary heat or cold. With integrated thermostats, you'll rarely have to touch them again.


Voice Control

Video intercom systems are a wonderful addition to a smart home. These devices allow you to communicate with visitors at your gate or door, and to family members and guests between rooms in your home from touchscreens or your mobile device. Tied in with home automation, you’re also able to control the rest of your home in response, from opening gates to allow visitors in or unlocking doors if someone gets locked out. Discuss the options with our team at Home Theater Group.

Pool & Spa Integration

When integrating a pool and spa controller as part of a home automation system, not only can your pool and spa be controlled in the same app as the rest of your house, but you will also gain additional benefits as well. From a single button press on your automation system you can turn on the music, adjust the lighting, set your pool temp, and be ready to enjoy. Once in, use the same app to adjust your music, check your security cameras, and access the features of your pool with ease.



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